Infection control protocol at Dr. PATEL'S DENTAL CARE

For COVID-19 infection control we are using sodium hypochlorite (Freshly prepared 0.01 %or 0.1% or 0.5 % NaOCl depending on applications), or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, 70% alcohol, Povidone iodine and soap water.

Waiting Room Preparations

  • All gadgets, floor and furniture are wiped with soap water and 0.1% NaOCl before and after every patient done.We have Hepa filter air purifiers in operatory. All gadgets are covered with cling film. The waiting room is decluttered of any magazines, flower vases, artifacts, water bottles and extra furniture as they are difficult to disinfect.
  • The waiting room has a bottle of sanitizer and infrared forehead thermometer,pulse oximetry.
  • All parcels or packets of lab work and dental materials are sanitized with soap water and 0.5% NaOCl before taking it to the operatory.
  • Associates and clinical staff enter the clinic by wearing a mask. They immediately sanitize their hands and wear eye protection. They change shoes,and wear fully covered (autoclaved) surgical gown.,head cap, hand gloves, double surgical mask and face shield.
  • Only then work starts for preparation of the clinic to treat patients.

As Patient Enters:

As soon as patients enters He/she has to sanitize their hands,wear disposable headcap,mask and gloves (provided by us)

  • Patient is asked to do Betadine 1 :20 dilution or 0.2 hexidine rinse.
  • On entering the clinic, patients should wear the mask all the time. They are given case paper, consent form with writing pad and pen. Pen and pad are sanitized with alcohol.
  • Accompanying person is asked to wait outside the clinic with a mask on.Relative of the patient are not allowed in the operatory. Patient is taken to the dental chair once the chair is completely prepared.

Dental Chair Room or Operatory

  • All furniture, dental chair and floor are cleaned thoroughly with soap water and 0.5% NaOCl.
  • X-ray machine, remote controls, switches, instrument tray holder, head rest, armrests, chair unit lights, foot controls, scaler machines, apex locaters, computer keyboard are covered with cling film.
  • RVG semsor is covered with plastic, RVG holders are used(Of course we disinfect that too).

While Treating the Patients

  • prior coming to clinic telephonic consultation is encouraged so as necessary instructions can be given to patients. While on chair , Patient is well draped and given eye protection, head cap and glooves.
  • Thermal test and Saturated oxygen level are monitored on Oxymeter everytime. If level is less than 94% ,then patient is asked to take medical consent.
  • Patient is asked to rinse with hexidine or Betadin(Povidone iodine)before starting the treatment and after the treatment to reduce the viral load.
  • Diagnosis is made first and then treatment plan is suggested.
  • Use of rubber dam( as per required )to avoid saliva splash,contamination.

After Completion of the Procedure/ As the Patient Leaves the Clinic

  • Clean the spittoon and surrounding 3 feet area of the spittoon with 0.5 % NaOCl.
  • Discard the cling film from all the furniture, gadgets, equipment, and put fresh cling film.
  • Wipe the floor and dental chair with soap water and 0.5%NaOCl.
  • All the used instruments including RVG holder are immersed in 0.5% NaOCl for 3 min, & then put in ultrasonic bath cleanser. Then follow the routine autoclaving procedure.

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